Mr.Rana Tanvir Hussauin

Federal Minister for Science and Technology

Mr. Fazal Abbas Maken

Federal Secretray for Ministry of Science and Technology

Dr. Shahzad Alam

Chairman, PCSIR, Islamabad

Dr. Khaula Shirin

 Director, Fuel Research Centre


Fuel Research Centre has been actively engaged in research and development work related to fuels particularly coal coke energy and environmental Research, so as to address most of the issues linked with their use. Besides, it also provides analytical, testing and consultancy services to national and multinational organizations and imparts training to individuals and professionals.


Presently Pakistan is facing energy crises, Coal is our most abundant fossil fuel. after the discovery of the huge Thar coal deposit of 175.5 billion tones. FRC-PCSIR is working and progressing on the utilization of this huge scattered wealth given us by nature and extended its support to all stake holders for conversion of coal to alternate energy.


Along with the R&D activities, FRC-PCSIR is also extending its role in shape of its R&D products to the common countrymen. FRC-PCSIR also facilitates local farmers to enhance corps growth with the help of indigenously manufactured soil fertilizers.


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Subzazar Humic Acid (Granulated)
Coal, Coke and Briquettes
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